Price list for textile and silkscreen

Pricelist for textile and screenprinting:
T-shirts, Sweaters, Poloshirts, Polosweaters, Baseball Caps, Bodywarmers,Cotton carrier-bags.

Minimum orderquantity for unprinted textile  is 10 pc per brand

Pricelist as per 1 februari 2013. All previous pricelists are herewith expired. This pricelist covers the most common activities of our business. We also take care of designing and typesetting, this work is not included in the here mentioned prices and will be calculated seperately. If you can't find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to call us for information.

Terms of Delivery see "Leveringsvoorwaarden / Algemene Voorwaarden"

All prices mentioned in this pricelist are without BTW (VAT) and cost of drawing. Delivery by COD only, unless by written mutual agreement. Shipping cost for orders up to EURO 1000.- is to be paid by the client. We do not accept any responsability for damages or loss during transport. Claims within 8 days after receipt of goods. Printing of the materials supplied by the client, is always at the clients risk.

Printing costs for textiles:
Startup cost for printing polo's, sweaters, trousers, bags etc.
These costs are calculated per color and per design.
Film-costs: € 18,50
Screen-cost: € 23,00
Typesetting and drawing-costs: € 40,00 per hour

Drawing-costs will ony be calculated if the client has not supplied a drawing or design. You will receive an estimate beforehand for all work to be done by us. In case of repeat-orders or when supplying a usable, readable positive film, only the costs of making the screen will be charged.

Printing-cost per print on shirts, trousers, bags etc.

  1 colour 2 colours 3 colours 4 colours 5 colours 6 colours
5-10 4,00 5,25 6,50 7,75 9,00 10,25
11-25 2,50 3,75 5,00 6,25 7,50 8,75
26-50 1,50 2,25 3,00 3,75 4,50 5,25
51-100 1,35 1,95 2,55 3,15 3,75 4,35
101-250 1,25 1,85 2,45 3,05 3,65 4,25
251-500 1,00 1,45 1,90 2,35 2,80 3,25
501-1000 0,85 1,25 1,65 2,05 2,45 2,85
1001-etc. 0,75 1,10 1,45 1,80 2,15 2,50

All mentioned printing-costs are per print on textile supplied by you or by us. Printing sleeves or the reverse side of a shirt with an other design will be calculated as another printing. If printing is the same on both sides of the shirt, only the total amount of prints will be charged.

Standard maximum printing area 32x35 cm.
Change of colour: € 10,00 per change
Wrapping shirts in plastic bags € 0,50 per item
Unwrapping goods supplied by client € 0,20 per item

Heat-transfers, numbers and letters
Player's numbers € 2,50 per item
Trousers numbers € 2,00 per item
Available in black, white, red, green and blue.

Heat set Transfers:
In case you regularly have small amounts of textile-printing made, you may consider having transfers made. We keep these in stock for you and we will press them on textile on demand. It might save you from high printing-cost and longer delivery time. Prices on demand.

See also our terms (still Dutch only).